Thursday, 22 June 2017

Curriculum readiness

A curriculum for future readiness
According to future forecasters KnowledgeWorks, by 2040 most work will have the following characteristics:

  • ·      Technology and globalisation will result in market-driven work that will be highly problem-driven, ambiguous and volatile;

  • ·      Work will have a culture of constant improvement and learning driven by analytics providing frequent data measurement and quick feedback;

  • ·      Work will be modulated, that is, broken down into discrete parts and will need extensive coordination, synthesis and high-level goals to be recombined;

  • ·      Work will be grounded in productive relationships (collaborative, team-driven, collegial, inclusive) determining success and the working culture;

  • ·      Adaptability is key – learn, re-learn, and follow personal passions that will blur the lines between work and personal lives.

(Source: KnowledgeWorks Forecast 4.0 The Future of Learning: Redefining Readiness from the Inside Out)

 The key characteristics I glean from this predictive forecast are:

 If we design our future focused curriculum around the 2040 work characteristics what would this look like?
What approaches to teaching and learning should we be embracing in order to ensure our students are ready for the future workforce?
Let’s take the 2040 work characteristics and translate it into curriculum readiness:

What human skills should we be developing?
Now, let’s take the 2040 human characteristics and translate it into curriculum readiness: 

So, how ready is your future focused curriculum?

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