Friday, 26 May 2017

Keeping one's finger on the pulse of school culture

Keeping one’s finger on the pulse of school culture

 It is that time of year when it is important to check the pulse of the school.
Are students safe and happy?
Is the staff safe and happy?
Are parents happy with the level of education their child is receiving?
It is a bold move by any school leadership team to gather this data but it is also the only way to stay attuned to the school climate and to keep improving.
Firstly, our Year 8 students carried out a student pulse survey like a learning walk and surveyed a random sample of four students per class asking them:

The Year 8 students then analysed the data and made assumptions and recommendations to be reported back to teaching teams for consideration.
Secondly, the employee pulse survey was designed to take a snapshot of school climate by asking all staff the following:
The data is then analysed for trends, reported back to all employees and next steps for improvement developed and actioned over time.
Finally, the parent pulse survey has a similar intention, that is, to capture the current school climate from parents’ perspective around a variety of topics. See a snap shot of the survey below that had 27 items/questions:

Again, the data is analysed for trends and next steps for improvement.
Together the three pulse surveys provide us with rich data to quickly form a perspective on our school culture. Most importantly it allows us to celebrate what is working well and to pin point areas for improvement.

Do you have a finger on the pulse of your school?


  1. Great post Lyn, love how you've involved students in the analysis of the data - what awesome modelling for them.

  2. Thanks Rob, true student agency :)