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The inspiration of one word goals

The inspiration of one word goals

 Over the Christmas New Year holiday break I spent a relaxing time catching up on a large number of texts, blogs and online articles that had literally been piling up over the latter part of 2016.

In one article, sorry I didn’t note the source, I read about the value of one word goals. Like their students, teachers are asked to set goals for the year often based on their teacher inquiries and/or professional learning next steps. They can become wordy, onerous and sometimes, if they are disparate, become meaningless over time.

The beauty of a one word goal is when you choose a single word you have a single focus. The one word should sum up your essence and focus as a teacher or leader for 2017. It will be your mantra, your defining intention to guide you and shape you all year long.

Why? Because you will remember it! It will stick with you! It will gain meaning, especially if you stylise it into a poster and keep it prominent.

I thought I would try out this idea with my teachers at teacher only day this week.
I did refine the idea, as is my way, by allowing one or two words followed by a sentence explaining what the goal’s intention was. I shared my own 2017 two word goal:

Give globally

I want to give in the global sense of wide reaching ways, e.g. through my blog I hope to inspire, inform and challenge educators across the world and I also want to volunteer (give) in my local community.

I asked each teacher to define their one/two word goal and we displayed them on a large chart. See below:

Our next step is to make posters of our one word/two word goals in order to stay focused and to grow its value through the actions we take throughout 2017.

I am very proud to publish their goals, with their consent, see below:

Inspire: I want to be inspired by my learners and in turn inspire them to love learning.

 Challenge Thinking: Challenge my own thinking as well as push myself to further my knowledge and teaching.

Learning Journey: To expand my education personally and professionally, by learning from others, my environment and university.

Reggio Approach: To delve deeper into my understanding of Reggio, and look at the ways SHPS can incorporate this more into curriculum - so we are balanced with Te Whariki, IB and Reggio.

Present & Effective: To be present in moments and listen more towards effective practice.

 Balance: Effective balance between work rest and play through compartmentalisation, time management and honouring self.

New experiences: It's time to try some new things in my teaching and how I think abut teaching.

Lighten Up: Build relationships, get to really know my girls and focus on their well-being, happiness and sense of pride in themselves. Fun!

Healthier & Interested: learn more about e-learning to enhance my learning with the children.

Connections: Inspire To build connections in class, across team and further afield.  Inspire girls to learn and push their learning beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving.

Simplify: I want to focus on the things I know are important and make them wonderful!

Prioritise: So much to do, so little time … What will make the biggest difference? What is important?  What can we let go?  What can be delegated?

Alongside & Caring: Learn alongside students, caring for their needs.

Order: To create order and structure/routines to enable creativity and space for brilliance.

Balance: Small steps moving through the year making sure I have a good balance with family/friends, work and health.

Altruism & Empathy: Fostering the love and care within the group and capturing moments digitally for sharing within our family and community.

Challenge & Practical: To ensure the learners in my care have practical and relevant experiences.

Sharing& Joy: Finding joy and excitement in the small learning experiences and successes.  Celebrating and sharing these moments with our school, local and extended community.

Opportunity: I'm excited to embrace all the new of this year - team teaching; 1:1 devices; UNESCO; a second year with my girls; hopefully a new home.

Serious Creativity: This is the title of a de Bono book, which maps to the fact that I would like to use creative strategies to teach, and have creative projects happening both in and out of school.

Relationships: Taking time to spend more time tuning in to people.  Valuing each interaction.

Challenges:  Myself in terms of involvement in school and community. Students - inspiring and motivating with new ideas.

Positive:  Positive outlook; positive results; positive difference.

Independence/SRL Drive: Children who are goal focussed, driven, know what they can/should be doing at each moment.  Good class systems in place to ensure they can be inspired and excited.

Grow: I want to continue growing and learning as a teacher and create more opportunities for students to grow and be self regulated.

Documentation/Paper work: Reflecting on how I/we document the children’s learning in a Reggio Emilia sense through ICT.

Growth: Grow the 'gifted programmes' and our girls’ awareness of strengths.  Grow my own professional knowledge.

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