Friday, 9 December 2016


Take ownership of your own virtual space and become a COOL school

Please note:  COOL = community of online learning 

Our new strategic plan is the culmination of a comprehensive school wide consultation over an 18-month period. Strategic collaborative processes and meetings in various formats with parents, teachers and students were held in order to ensure co-authorship across the wide range of stakeholders (see my previous blog post). Consultation groups varied in size and structure in order to build a plan without the imposition of a pre-developed model and content.

Our aim was to respect the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future. In order to embrace the future we based our consultation around the latest trends and predictions not only from the world of education but also from the multiple viewpoints of the worlds of business, finance, and IT.

The provocations certainly challenged our thinking and allowed us to envisage a future radically different to today. Watch the video below which describes what a 2023 year 8 student may look like. 

Utilising foresight strategy has allowed us to consider potential future events, technological advancements and envisage the skills, knowledge and social competencies our students will need in their future lives. This has culminated in the development of a dynamic visionary strategic plan that will future proof our students ensuring they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be globally minded learners and leaders of the future. 

A small selection of our strategic plan’s main aspirational goals include:

Learning is in multiple places 24/7

Teachers are cutting edge e-learning designers & implementers

Students are regarded as leaders in the community and globally, as they work alongside mentors & experts using their transdisciplinary skills to take action for the betterment of others & the planet

In order to achieve these goals we have mapped out a 3 year plan with specific actions and evaluation markers to keep our journey on track and dynamic. We are mindful that:

Future approaches to learning need to educate the whole person, considering not just what learners need to succeed in school, but what they need to be a successful person. We must also find ways to personalize learning in community, creating opportunities for students to connect and contribute locally and globally – and to show how their activities demonstrate learning. Our approaches to learning and coordination must be flexible and adaptable, putting what’s best for the student and the community, rather than what’s traditional, at the center.
(KnowledgeWorks, 2016)

In order to achieve our strategic goals we will in effect need to take ownership of our own virtual space as we develop a COOL, our own community of online learning.

Exciting times!!


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