Tuesday, 20 September 2016

7 shots of awe

7 shots of awe
A principal’s eye

After being totally inspired by Jason Silva’s awe-inducing videos (http://thisisjasonsilva.com/),

I decided to capture shots of awe over a week long period and write a sentence to describe each one.
Day one - Sunday, heading off to principal’s conference at the beautiful Hanmer Springs.
Shot of awe – sitting outside surrounded by the awesome beauty of Hanmer Springs catching up with awesome collegial friends.

Day two – Monday, day one of our well-being conference.
Shot of Awe - listening, learning and having rich conversations with my colleagues as we take time to understand and reflect on our practice and our well being using the Durie model below.

Day three – Tuesday, a confronting dose of reality regarding our personal well being and feeling the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of my colleagues towards improving their health and well being in practical but life changing ways.
Shot of awe – one speaker taught us the importance of breathing deeply and we watched in awe as Mingyur Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Master, beautifully and succinctly explained how a breath is actually meditation (see below  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOJTbWC-ULc).

Day four – Wednesday, back at school and the year 6 Exhibition dinner.
Shot of awe – watching 10 year old girls plan, prepare and run a formal dinner for their parents including entertainment and a silent auction – awe inspiring!

Day five – interviewing teachers for positions in our school.
Shot of awe – being inspired by beginning teachers who are passionate, caring and highly enthusiastic - education is in good hands.

Day six – Grand parents day.
Shot of awe – the look of absolute delight on our grand parent’s faces as they were entertained while sharing the learning journey of their grand daughters – oh so lucky to have the privilege.

Day seven – Saturday, home time.
Shot of awe – time to walk in the park and be grateful for the wonderful shots of awe we encounter every day!

I challenge you all to open your eyes and note down your own shots of awe over the next seven days.

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