Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I don’t need to attend Mind Lab cause my Primary School Rocks!
(A monologue from a year 8 primary school student)

I loooove my school!

I like how I am in control of my own learning, I mean, I know what I am doing and when cause I have my own timetable. I know my strengths are maths and art but I also know I need to improve my writing skills, like how to write using better English. How do I know? Cause my teacher gives me great feedback and she helps me to get better and better and to succeed. She tells us we need to fail in order to succeed. It took me ages to understand that but now I get it! I get stuff wrong but I keep trying until I get it right and I feel really great when that happens :)

You know, I have been setting goals since I was in year one and have learnt to reflect heaps until I just do both naturally now. My teachers call it being self regulated but I call it mind power - I have a wee man inside my head that helps me to stay on task and persevere to stick to something until finally I get it!

A highlight of my day has always been inquiry time. I get to work with my classmates to find out about a topic, do lots of research and listen to experts and visit cool places like the museum, the Art Gallery, Orana Park or Epic!

I love how we put all the stuff we have learnt together and present it using cool tech tools like padlet, comic life, power point, prezi, ibooks author, and unity. Oh man I could go on and on cause I can use soooo many different tools, But you know what? I learnt that some tech tools are way better than others and you use different ones for different purposes. Nowadays I like to keep a blog to show my learning journey cause I can keep it updated as I learn new stuff and I can share it with Mum and Dad anytime.

The best bit about inquiry is action taking cause I can use everything I know to solve a problem, a real problem! I can think back to when I was in year 3 and our inquiry was about pollution and we felt really proud cause we decided our action was to help the community to clean up a local beach. We spent all morning collecting rubbish and flotsam, stuff from ships. We were buzzing when we got back to school!

Then when I was in year 6 one of our inquiries was scientific and soooo cool cause we carried out lots of experiments and I felt like a real scientist. But, the best was my passion project in year 8 cause I could choose my topic, take heaps of time to research and talk to mentors and experts and finally I presented my work. Guess what it was! Well, I took recycled clothes and redesigned them and made them into cool stuff. I even sold them and donated the money to Nurse Maude – I felt so proud :)

I like how we get to think! No I mean it, honest! We do heaps of thinking, coming up with questions and debating. Man I love it when we do brainstorming, mind mapping, designing and tinkering. Yes tinkering, crazy name eh! It really means we get to tinker, play with objects and ideas to invent and design. We have learnt how to code and make things using a 3D printer. Mum and Dad had no idea what I was talking about till I showed them at my student-led conference. Boy, they were impressed :)

I want to be a designer and invent stuff that will help the world. We talk a lot about the world and its problems but I know we have to cause otherwise we wouldn’t be aware of what might happen in the future. I love our weekly robotics class but I know one day, not too far away I will have my own robot at home that will do my homework and clean my room. Dreams are free!

We do heaps of stuff in groups and I realise now how to respect other kids ideas and to just listen sometimes and then add my bit. We solve hard problems but cause they really do exist we keep at it cause we know it really matters.

Our teachers are very cool cause they don’t just teach us stuff they learn with us and help us to understand and get good at things. We learn in lots of different ways and in lots of different places. They care for us, we can tell cause they are patient, they get excited and they make sure we are safe and happy.

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