Monday, 11 May 2015

A 2023 learner looks like … Future Building Part 2

Last Friday I hosted 4 future focused teachers at a “think tank” session, lunch provided, to re-visit the 2023 learner profile we had envisioned at our earlier teacher only day workshop. The teachers developed a profile for a senior student describing the skills and attributes she would need in this futuristic learning environment.

One of the most interesting notions regarding our 2023 learner was their utilisation of a variety of wearable technology. We touched on the idea but later when discussing the idea with our Techie, Jimmy, he immediately rattled off his predictions – this man owns not one but two drones so he is well versed in the latest and greatest technology!

Here are our predictions, imagine …

The learner will wear an iPhone Smartwatch, with a self charging battery, eliminating the need to carry an extra device for email, social media, apps, to summon Siri (a personal assistant), make calls, use voice dictation and to access their personalised timetable.

They will wear a holographic headset that combines 3D images with reality transforming the way they communicate, create, collaborate and explore. No more Skype calls, instead interactions will be multi-perspective and allow collaboration from many places at once.

Each learner will have a portable 3D printer that will allow him or her to produce their new creations in minutes, not hours. Their ability to form prototypes and create as young entrepreneurs will utilise their high level of creative, design and maker skills. They are problem identifiers and use technology to collaborate across cultures to invent solutions for real world problems, that is, crowd sourced solutions.

Learners will experience augmented reality through the use of an implanted technology that will map their physical and social realms. Their personal experiences will be captured in cloud memory allowing an all round health perspective readily available with recommendations.

Even though the learner will have high levels of self regulation they will be surrounded by more distractions than ever before. Their wearable technology will help them stay focused, on track and accountable. Their learning analytics will offer instant feedback and allow personalisation and an accelerated curriculum.

The wearable devices will allow easy access to a personalised learning network and tiny drones will protect them from pollution, play games with them and act as scouts!

As wacky as this all sounds if we are dedicated to future proofing learning and schools then we need to seriously consider possible technologies and their implications. Even The Jetsons futuristic utopia TV programme was based on very real expectations for the future and to think a New Zealander has invented and is marketing the world’s first jetpack!

Imagining fast paced technological innovation and perpetual change is inherently speculative but driving trends can already be observed and we need to grasp a picture of what if in order to build a future picture of a 2023 learner, teacher and school.

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